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Siemens Variable Frequency Drive (V20)

Siemens Variable Frequency Drive (V20)

SINAMICS V20, the basic performance AC drive, Siemens offers a simple and cost-effective drive solution for these types of applications. SINAMICS V20 sets itself apart with its quick commissioning times, ease of operation, robustness and cost-efficiency. With four frame sizes, SINAMICS V20 covers a power range extending from 0.12 kW up to 15 kW (1/6 hp up to 20 hp). We are Authorized Distributer for SINAMICS V20 Drives .

Minimize your costs :
SINAMICS V20. helps to increase energy efficiency, SINAMICS V20 drive is equipped with a control technique to achieve optimum energy efficiency through automatic flux reduction. SINAMICS V20 displays the actual energy consumption and has additional, integrated energy-saving functions. SINAMICS V20 allows energy consumption to be slashed drastically.

The Sinamics V20 comes in four frame sizes covering the performance range from 1/6–20hp and is used to operate pumps, fans, compressors and conveyor systems, and is also used for simple drive tasks in the processing and handling industries. This compact drive can be connected directly in-line and mounted as a push-through installation in addition to the conventional wall-mounting method. Operation of the new Sinamics V20 drive is just as easy as its commissioning.

The Keep Running Mode automatically adapts the Sinamics V20 drive to the power supply to achieve higher availability when operated on unstable networks. In this mode, line fluctuations are compensated for internally and error messages are acknowledged autonomously. Due to the enhanced cooling concept and coated PCBs and electronic components, the Sinamics V20 is extremely rugged, both electrically and mechanically, making the unit reliable even in harsh environments.

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V20 VFD Easy to install :

  • SIEMENS VFD has Push-through and wall mounting – side-by-side possible for both
  • SIEMENS VFD has Provision of USS and Modbus RTU at terminals
  • Sinamic VFD of Siemens Make Integrated braking chopper for 7.5 kW to 15 kW (10 hp up to 20 hp)

Siemens V20 VFD Easy to use :

  • In V20 VFD of Siemens Parameter loading without power supply
  • Siemens VFD Integrated application and connection macros
  • V20 VFD Keep Running Mode for uninterrupted operation
  • Sinamic V20 VFD Wide voltage range, advanced cooling design and coated PCBs increase robustness

SIEMENS Sinamic V20 Easy to save money :

  • V20 VFD has ECO mode for V/f, V2/f
  • Can Be used for Hibernation mode
  • DC coupling

Additional advantages OF SIEMENS SINAMIC V20 VFD :

  • Siemens VFD High availability through automatic restart and flying restart after power failures
  • V20 VFD gives Broken belt detection by monitoring the load torque
  • Pump protection against cavitation
  • Hammer start and blockage clearing modes for clogged pumps
  • PID controller for process values (e.g. temperature, pressure, level, flow)
  • PID auto tuning to optimize controller parameters
  • Hibernation mode stops the motor when demand is low
  • Motor staging extends the flow range by adding two more fixed-speed drives (cascade)
  • Frost and condensation protection prevents moisture in motors under extreme environmental conditions


Application of V20 VFD :

  • Solar pump : Sinamic V20 Works directly on DC supply applied at its DC link . We have done several installation at , Delhi , Mumbai , Pune Qatar , Dubai , Oman, Saudi Arabia.
  • Variable Frequency drive are extensively used for elevator application. Sinamics v20 is simple and cost effective inverter incorporated with all necessary function for Elevator application. We also have SIEMENS VFD dealer in Oman, Saudi Arabia
  • Uninterrupted motion of elevator, With suitable line supplied condition is achieved using keep running mode

Trade Mill :

  • SIEMENS Sinamic V20 Provides continuous operation will all speed with zero Vibration and Noice
  • Benefits : V20 VFD with compact Size . Small Space for Siemens VFD v20
  • We have Successfully installed Siemens V20 VFD in Jeddah, Mecca, in Saudi Arabia for trade Mill Application .

Cheese Winder :

  • V20 Siemens VFD is Used to winding plastics taps which is out put of plastics extruder on steel and Aluminium core tubes
  • We have supplied this V20 VFD in Chennai, Kolkata, Bangalore, Oman, Dubai
  • We have Successfully installed Siemens V20 VFD in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia for Chees winding application

Tower Cranes :

  • Tower cranes are used in construction line to lift and move material in line .Siemens V20 VFD can be efficiently used for this application
  • Benefits : V20 VFD Siemens make is high Reliability due to Coated PCB of Rugged sinamics Drive

Pallet Wrapping :

  • Siemens V20 VFD is also used to wrap Huge Articles in a Bunch
  • V20 VFD used for Uniform Wrapping of the article with precise Speed Control
  • We have supplied and Commissioned SIEMENS VFD at Sharjah , Abu Dhabi , Dubai , United Arab Emirates.

Band Saw machine :

  • Horizontal Band Saw Machine is Design to cut metal Stock , Tube Pipes
  • V20 Siemens VFD an be successfully used for such application
  • Accurate cutting of stock wit precise speed control of Sinamic V20 VFD

Zipper Pouch Manufacturing :

  • V20 VFD is used for Making machines . it is used to manufacturing Zip , Puches Food Packing items
  • Benefits of V20 Vfd of Flexible and easy integration of machine logics and customer Specific function
  • We have Successfully installed Siemens V20 VFD in Medina, in Saudi Arabia for Zip Pouch Application .

Super Finishing machine :

  • Wide application of V29 Siemens VFD can be used for Metal cutting process for Surface finish of work piece
  • Benefit of V20 VFD Siemens Make is uniform surface finish of the work piece active with the high speed accuracy of V20

Flat knitting :

  • V20 VFD of Siemens Make has been used to Knit Fabrics with two Flat Niddal bits in an upside down Manner
  • SIEMENS V20 VFD give benefit to minimize wastage via Fault Send=sing
  • Niddle Breakage
  • We have done installation of Siemens V20 VFD for above application in Tashkent in Uzbekistan
  • We have Dealer and Supplier of Siemens V20 variable frequency drive in Pune .

Travel Motion for Industrial Hoist :

  • Siemens V20 VFD is used for travel Motion on shop Floors
  • Siemens V20 VFD used for Speed Control of Cross Travel and Long Travel Motion
  • Benefits is Quick stop of CT and LT motion using Dynamic Breaking functionality of V20
  • We have installed SIEMENS V20 A.Drive at Delhi for travel Motion Application
  • We also have dealer of Siemens v20 VFD in Vijayawada

Stone Cutting :

  • Machine used to cutting Blocks into Slabs
  • Siemens V20 VFD give precise Speed control of Saw Blade an==ensuring Easy cutting of different types of stones and granites
  • We have dealer and Supplier of SIEMENS drive in Ahmedabad, Baroda , Vapi
  • We have done many application of SIEMENS VFD in Ahmedabad, Vadodara , Vapi.

Bucket conveyer :

  • Siemens V20 VFD is used in Bucked conveyer used to gently transport variety of Free flow Bulk Materials in Dry semi dry and Moisturized Conditions without spillage
  • Least Slippage due to smooth speed control
  • We can arrange Trader and Dealer of SIEMENS VFD at Muscat , Seeb, Salalah in Oman

Ozone Generator :

  • Siemens V20 VFD is Used in Ozone Generator to convert oxygen to Ozone via High Voltage Ionisation process .
  • Benefits : Reduce system Footprint with compact V20 Design
  • We have done commissioning in Addis Ababa , Ethiopia

Biscuit Manufacturing :

  • Biscuit manufacturing process comprises of a Dough Mixer Laminating and Cutting Section followed by backing oven
  • Accurate Speed control of Sinamics V20 result in uniform thickness of Dough thereby reducing Waste
  • We have used this VFD in Tashkent , Samarkand in Uzbekistan
  • We have authorized Dealer and Supplier of SIEMENS VFD in Astana, Almaty in Kazakhstan

Shaking Incubators :

  • Siemens V20 VFD used for biological cell culturing and cell Ariation
  • Benefit reduce energy consumption with smooth start and precise speed control of Sinamic V20 VFD
  • We deal many Siemens V20 VFD in Nashik . We have dealers of Siemens VFD in Nashik, Vapi, Surat etc

Paultry and Mixing equipment’s :

  • Used to produce animal feed in Mashed form.
  • Benefits : Easy and Simple operation
  • We have commissioned Siemens Automation system in Colombo , Shrilanka

Mechanical Presses :

  • We can use Siemens VFD for mechanical Press . It benefit of compact size make machine Modular
  • We have supplied many Siemens V20 VFD in Goa , HyderabaWe also can give support in Bangalore

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